Board of Directors

Chairman’s Message

H.E. Hamad Al ShamsiChairman

Our commitment to achieve continuous development and thoughtful planning as well as our belief in the importance and feasibility of business development come as a result of the directions of our wise government which emphasizes the importance of having all of the UAE's institutions keep up with the world and use its technological applications in all fields of life. We believe that real challenge lies in the continuous achievement of success. This has enabled us to establish our work on solid ground backed by a strong will and deep belief in the principles of our work. Success is not achieved by chance or luck, but by hard work and clear visions with specific goals that are supported by the principles of perseverance, patience and dedication. Consequently, numerous and consecutive success stories have been made at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange over the last fifteen years of thanks to the hard and fruitful effort that was put into that.

In continuation of the successes that Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has been making and on behalf of myself and the Exchange's work team, I hereby present you with the innovative Beta Version of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange's website. The new website will attempt to meet the Exchange's expectations and aspirations and develop the electronic services that the Exchange provides. It will also offer a smooth and effective experience for the visitors and will track their investments through one window which contains a unique package of electronic services that meet the requirements of our digital age.

The new website has an updated interface for the real time prices along with new features that enable the user to customize the display, determine the required data, add the listed companies to the list of favorites that is assigned for each user. The website also offers the Information Center's service which is a collection of selected documents, data and articles that are of interest to the investors and the financial markets' customers, particularly those of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

All these services and more help fulfill the main goal behind the establishment of the Exchange back in 2000, mainly directing the savings in the capital market in order to create investors who possess the knowledge regarding the necessary financial tools that enable them to take decisions in relation to responsible investment, security, the provision of advanced statistical services through real time charts that display trading status in the Exchange, as well as redesign of all statistical reports to be more clear and beneficial for the users.

Moreover, the updated website increases the users' interaction with the events and activities of the listed companies and the brokerage companies that are registered at the Exchange. Thanks to the new features, these companies are now able to announce their news and updates in the spaces designated for marketing and advertisement on the Exchange's website.

Board Of Directors