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Company News
 TitlePublish Date
Preview Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting 27/01/2015
Preview Etisalat successfully completes the sale of its Shareholdings in French-speaking West African Operations to Maroc Telecom 27/01/2015
Preview Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting 25/01/2015
Preview Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting 16/12/2014
Preview Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting 11/12/2014
Preview Etisalat supports Mobily's Board of Directors' Decision 25/11/2014
Preview Impact of Mobily’s Restatements on Etisalat Financials 05/11/2014
Preview Results of Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting on Third Quarter of year 2014 29/10/2014
Preview Etisalat - Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Information on the Third Quarter of 2014 29/10/2014
Preview Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting 23/10/2014
Preview Etisalat response to media news regarding Etisalat Misr initial public offering (IPO) 06/08/2014
Preview Etisalat Interim Dividend Distribution 2014 - Change of Entitlement Date 24/07/2014
Preview Etisalat Q2 2014 Earnings Release 21/07/2014
Preview Etisalat - Review report and condensed consolidated interim financial information for the period ended 30 June 2014 20/07/2014
Preview Notice for Etisalat Board of Directors Meeting dated Sunday 20th July 2014 15/07/2014
Preview Etisalat Successfully Prices First Bond Issuance 12/06/2014
Preview Etisalat Mandates Banks to Organize Fixed Income Investor Meetings 27/05/2014
Preview Etisalat Exempted from Mandatory Tender Offering in connection with Maroc Telecom 23/05/2014
Preview Etisalat Completes Listing of USD 7 billion Global Medium Term Note Program on the Irish Stock Exchange 22/05/2014
Preview Etisalat submitted its Mandatory Tender Offering file to Moroccan Authorities 20/05/2014
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