International Fish Farming Holding Co. PJSC

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Company News
 TitlePublish Date
Preview Asmak General Assembly Meeting Results 15 April 2014 15/04/2014
Preview Asmak - List of candidates for membership of the Board of Directors 31/03/2014
Preview Asmak Corporate Governance Report for year 2013 24/03/2014
Preview Asmak audited consolidated financial statement for year ended 31 December 2013 19/03/2014
Preview Asmak Directors Report for the year ended 31 December 2013 19/03/2014
Preview Asmak results of the board of directors meeting dated 19thMarch 2014 19/03/2014
Preview Asmak Board of Director's Meeting Wednesday 19 March 2014 11/03/2014
Preview Asmak SCA approval on publishing AGM invitation and its agenda 15 April 2014 06/03/2014
Preview Asmak's Board of Directors Election Announcement 25/02/2014
Preview Asmak Results of Board Meeting Held on 12 Feb 2014 12/02/2014
Preview Asmak Preliminary Unaudited Results 31 Dec 2013 12/02/2014
Preview Asmak Board Meeting Wednesday February 12, 2014 06/02/2014
Preview Asmak brief of major elements of 3rd Qtr 2013 interim financial statements 30/10/2013
Preview Asmak 3rd Qtr 2013 Interim Financial Statements 30/10/2013
Preview Asmak Management Report on 3rd Qtr 2013 Results 30/10/2013
Preview Asmak BOD Meeting Held on 30th October 2013 Results 30/10/2013
Preview Asmak Board of Directors meeting Wednesday 30-10-2013 27/10/2013
Preview ASMAK Board of Director Meeting Results 30th Sep 2013 30/09/2013
Preview Asmak Board of Directors meeting to be held Monday 30-09-2013 24/09/2013
Preview Asmak Results of BOD Meeting Held on 29thJuly 2013 Results 29/07/2013
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